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Mirror Work

When someone punches you, the face swells When someone screams at you,  the face swells after she/(y)/ou spills her/self/you of water, moisture, life    through the eyes, nose, lips The face swells.   Scared before her/ y’own reflection.   The mirror … Continue reading

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Danielle’s Grandma in the Apartment

“We are all equal, humble and acting democratically typing away until there is a wetness of untapped feeling  a jump from the gut to the throat because the spirited come to accompany at the bottom of the bed as an … Continue reading

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Dream Interpretation, Day 2

So I wake up this morning with a few scribbles to write of my dreaming in the night prior. Awakened, but with eyes closed, I realized that the revelation was “myself as vampire”. I wrote in long hand, Laziness/Envy/ Demand want … Continue reading

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Real Feelings; Poetry Stuffed

i started paying attention to the words that come by repititions, the refrains, the recurrances and remembering to count them when they came through the page. “hyopcrite/hypocritical” “happiness is essential to a life worth living” “15” …check, check, check as … Continue reading

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Good Earth Teas

There is a new Fresh and Easy that opened up on the east side of town where we went in for its grand opening and samples. i ended up with two bags of super green teas and a sweet and … Continue reading

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Hangeul, Korean Calligraphic Art of Jung Do-jun

His poems are profound and curious… written in Korean script (not Chinese) “Like a Lotus Flower” (2006) Like a lion unfazed by a sudden noise, like wind uncaught in a net, like a lotus flower unsoiled by mud: march forward … Continue reading

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i fall in love with the intensity of his eyes to colored shirt i break upon the receptivity of his expressions see through eyes he falters and whispers? forward when we speak again in passing tenderness, really gone is the … Continue reading

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