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Mirror Work

When someone punches you, the face swells When someone screams at you,  the face swells after she/(y)/ou spills her/self/you of water, moisture, life    through the eyes, nose, lips The face swells.   Scared before her/ y’own reflection.   The mirror … Continue reading

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Water Dragon

The wheel of Fortuna is constantly moving bringing changes of season and scenery. This past weekend, i put my younger brother to wed among his friends and first families. The passage felt heavy, but “he is my brother” as they … Continue reading

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Another writer in the family…!

coming into the week before our anniversary he announces that he bears a young writer who was first shamed about his style, structures and poor spelling who went back to school to rework what was atrocious writing he appreared through … Continue reading

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Without the radio

the three words i used to obsess about was “i love you” the declaration was a pronouncement of hyper emotion a subconscious desire to evoke affection and ardor the “i love yous” have neutralized with use in broad daylight at … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s day

i. someone far, is planning a proposal of marriage when her parents come into town from the east he may have already boughten the ring she has made known in the first year of dreaming of a life lived together … Continue reading

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Prayers and ping pong

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” Albert Camus, French Philosopher/Writer In the last session with my therapist, the idea of my being … Continue reading

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