The Paris Review

The joyous reading of these interviews is drawing blood and life up to the surfaces and I am encouraged by my tribe.  They are persons of intellectual breath, humor, subtlety and distance from my original family tree but they speak my language!  I am at once home and up in rarified atmosphere where the frequency of my breaths skip to take in more oxygen, more creative life by gulps and gasps where need be. 

The aspiring writer loves to hear how the process is for other writers.  The Mystery is never unraveled by their confidences or literary confessions.  Still by some hint of light there is enough illumination to peer more clearly onto one’s piled high desktop.  The desk connects back to the Universal source of Mystery and Creativity.  Yes, the desk as a portal to infinite space in our imaginations… 

The view around the keyboard is cluttered at the moment.  I compare my reality with photographed homes and interiors of homes visited.  My apartment is a mess of distractions and disorganization where things do not have a proper place for themselves. 

There is no place in the bedroom/ writing corner where I keep library borrowed materials for perusal and return.  I finished uploading Bedtime Stories by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes and wondering how long Alan Brennert’s Honolulu will sit to my right because I think it would be nice to finish listening to the story before meeting up with ____ for lunch at the end of the month.  I’ve reached by Disc 6, boredom with how the story is being told in third person as a historical fiction narrative.  I don’t care about the primary female.  Yes, her circumstances move the plot along but I have less interest in going through all the remaining discs if this is the set up for the entire story. It’s equivalent to taking the historical multi-vitamin through the ears. 

Right of the CDB’s is a green tank top untouched since I took it off from the night’s sleep, a thin roll of Charmin and a traveler’s bag full of my daily medications, package of Costco AA batteries, a turquoise acrylic drinking cup rimmed with lipstick, silver jewelry cleaning solution, a mirror for doing makeup outside of the bathroom, a small cup of McDonald’s coffee, Smackers Dr, Pepper tinted chapstick, birth control pills, copied music on more discs, headphones, a solar calculator, my DMV renewal notice and more books in a semi tidy pile near the left side of the computer desk with The Paris Review Interviews Women Writers at Work on top.


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