Dream Interpretation, Day 2

So I wake up this morning with a few scribbles to write of my dreaming in the night prior. Awakened, but with eyes closed, I realized that the revelation was “myself as vampire”.

I wrote in long hand,

Laziness/Envy/ Demand
want the most tender parts
of you to bend/expose/extend
the neck the main bridge from the Crown to the Coeur

Desire dilates the pupils to watch the damage in its wake
abandoned to weakness and impairment
there is less life force in the corpse.

There’s no apparent personal glug to gain in this sucking/suction.
The elliptical WONTNESS of personal Risk, Faith in higher intelligences, or
extended Labor to dis/re/cover a new life from one’s own blood
attracts many flies to Decay, Envy and Pathos.

(ok, ok this is my second draft of what I scribbled this morning)

…still I am upset with this gift at the doorstep.
“Bbuuuutt I don’t WAAANNNAA be the Vampire!
I’m a Princess and a Ballerina Dancer!”

What does it mean when one sees shadows
against the white walls in the room or the sides of a house?

The reflection of S/self are grotesque and otherwise growing
out of one’s sense of blindness to dimness,
darkness, disownment, disengagement, diaspora,
delineating the dungeons of one’s making through
narrow halls of thinking and shallow spaces for breathing
in the first Curse to leave His sight.

Admist the low-hanging fruits on the Tree of Knowledge.


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