Listening as Reading: Tell me a Story

It’s been a change of pace listening to two different works in audio format,  This past week, I have been juggling Alan Brennert’s Honolulu story and Dr. e’s The Beginner’s Guide to Dream Interpretation.  The marathon listening to the story of the war brides who came to Hawaii to work and create lives on the plantations required me to carry the heartbreak they suffered as a legacy.  It is mind blowing how resilient Spirit has shown itself over the course of human evolution and revolution. 

For the dreamers, writers and researchers who feel haunted and hunted down to live out this historical page from Hawaiian history, I am deeply indebted.  Their stories and lessons for us are very much alive with those who midwife them and those of us who had been uninitiated until present.  While in the milieu of historical fiction it occurs to me that the spectrum of linear time scrunches like a sheet of paper headed towards the wastebasket.  The world of the imagination expands and contracts within our minds. I am again humbled by this responsibility. 

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Jungian analyst and storyteller/poet, I would wholeheartedly recommend giving her a try.  I have purchased many selections from where they honor her and other healers/teachers to share community through audio projects. This particular title was ordered from the Marin County Free Library. It was great but one has to be prepared for the occasional disc or track that gets stuck until I fast forward to the next. The high circulation of shared library materials sometimes compromises its quality in its library’s lifetime. But I digress.

I love how her voice places balm on my soul. Her words and vocals as instrument are pitch perfect.  Known in  popular circles for her bestseller, Women Who Run with Wolves she has been for me an elder who inspires and creates holy spaces in my mind where constricted thoughts and shallow breathing sometimes stagnate.

if you have ever considered another way to relate to your self as Spirit and Story, track your dreams as given to you. Having been raised by a superstitious mother who dreams prophetic, I always wondered when I would come into these such possessions. Well, I have begun digging around and researching my interest in the other half of my life spent dreaming dreams imaged by the Dream Weaver and the Unconscious. In the confidence of confessions and aesthetic transparency, I want to share the process as much as I can with the humility that every one of us sees different projections when faced with the blank screen, canvas, page. I am sitting with you and facing down my doubting demons and voices from the well.

It has taken me almost forty years to accept the paradox for every beauty and its beast. I have gold and treasures I long to share with you in hospitality and for my sense of sanity in this agreed space and time. But these goods are hard won. They keep me constant in the mirror’s reflection of darkness, Mystery of Source and self.


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