Ensename, Show Me

August will mark the third year since this blog  began in August 2010.  Upon visiting my blog, I hope readers enjoy the change of template.  It’s the WP template called Sight.  I felt that the annual refresh inspire a new look.  I like the clean typesetting.  I have shifted from once deciding that the blog site needed a brand for consistency to, now, where I want to see changes in façade and digital composition of my work products in the world. I might continue to play with the free template options to express my fancy of the moment, so stay tuned.

My posts reveal much of my growth and try-alls of living the creative life as poet and writer.    In a personal way I wanted to share with fellow writers that it is as much in the texts and in the spacious gaps that create this masterpiece we call our life.  I constantly struggle with the sustainability and interest of my owned and (dis)owned thoughts and perspectives.  This wrestling has blessed me with insights into a deeper sense of my voice and the voices that are at the gates when I sit and howl to the blank projection screen.  This creative blogging has allowed me to experience what was once only in my cerebral centers….now, the practice has laid some dirt in the center of my life.  There are vacillations and tensions about what is valuable which is carried in the mind.  I have a suspicion that the more time one spends with her practice, she will know how to better guide herself through the lanes, fences and highways.

Seeing the chronology of time on the blog has helped me rework some ideas of what was valuable of this format.  Johnny come lately is going to write a draft of her book!  I humbly submit that I have no idea what the book will cover but my intention is to include the everyday and suck marrow from bones in order to  take on a shape quite different from the one I travel in at this moment. 

To the songbirds, please sing of mornings after darkness.



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One Response to Ensename, Show Me

  1. 3 years already???

    like the new look.

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