Good Earth Teas

There is a new Fresh and Easy that opened up on the east side of town
where we went in for its grand opening and samples.

i ended up with two bags of super green teas
and a sweet and spicy black tea
in the original flavor.

the tea bag was attached to this affirmation
“Beauty gives herself to those who give her time.”
-Julia Vidmar

i am enjoying it as much as the warm flavors in the cup.
the rains will hit san diego before the mid morning
washing a path for this lunar year’s Water Dragon
in its dance and designs upon our bracing lives

May your fortunes and soon to be little ones blessed
by its mysteries and strengths in 2012!


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2 Responses to Good Earth Teas

  1. Patricia says:

    love the quote

    btw, pink otter is back!!!

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