Water Dragon

The wheel of Fortuna is constantly moving
bringing changes of season and scenery.

This past weekend, i put my younger brother to wed
among his friends and first families. The passage felt
heavy, but “he is my brother” as they say in song.

i have set myself on LOST for a couple of months
dramatizing the rite and dreading which self was
going to appear on such a momentus occasion…

thankfully, none of my selves showed up
in lieu of the Holy Spirit who met me
at the mike.

my eyes bowed to the Lord’s words
on the page from where i could not look
up or away. the spring of emotions from the wells
arose across the audible voice only to
then proceed ahead the reading

the voice faltered on foot to dress
from its currents and rushes.

deeply breathing in His breath and
speaking His words of blessing
i was carried across a threshold that held lightly
those burdens known only by heart

while on this wheel, i write my journey back to the center
the eternal flame burns through every illusion
baring me from hair, skin and scars
levitating me upward;
pointing me to stars.


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