blood and birthday cake

she drew blood shelving young adult graphic novels
the girl scout leader had neosporin in her locker
and bandages in the left drawer in the kitchen

holding her bloody finger
under running water
she moans
“the blood will run
before it dries.”

i see week old birthday cake on the kitchen table
“put the finger in the cake,
the sugar will clot the blood.”

frosting, antibiotics and double band aids
remind her of the materials
angels leave
to this world
when skin blooms
from blue blood through red atmosphere
across barriers and humbles the human
through pain.

the woman who glows in the dark
promised that she would stay awake
forever if we needed her

so i honor her obedience to write
her story of coming up through roots
as mexican and curandurisma/ healer,

i love her,
another mother and
find comfort in life’s work
here and in the hereafter.


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