Happy 41st Anniversary!

we are going into the desert
to celebrate my parent’s
41st wedding anniversary!

land is the theme for the 41st…
no flowers, no gems

the travails towards togetherness,
friendship, companionship and
the deep honorable child’s bow
to her mother and father (figures)

sparkle in the front mind’s globe
floating and shifting everytime
i shake my world according to
the rattles in hand

my parents give me land,
a place on this earth
where from
i begin with first steps

and ancestral eyes to witness the scenes
appear and disappear i/on stages

whether i blind myself to the future
or dance in spirals
searching for past tense; past sense

i know i have a place
on these grounds
where two near people
offered their flesh for my name.

Text copyright ©2011 by Hae Jung Kwon. All rights reserved.


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All posts are original intellectual property. Copyright 2010 Hae Jung Kwon. All rights reserved.
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One Response to Happy 41st Anniversary!

  1. Patricia says:


    reminds me of a poem i wrote several years ago about my parents called “heritage”.

    it’s powerful and gratifying to be able to imagine, remember and appreciate our parents as separate individuals, albeit with a profound and unbreakable connection to us, their children.

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