August anniversaries

Its been an amazing couple of weeks gathering
thoughts and new words by reading academia.

I carry around my neck a pair of reading glasses
from the dollar store and look forward to finding
a style for each room in the apartment. I remember
the strain of the readings and thinking
“this day forward, that i am going to need glasses.”

This friday will mark the one year anniversary of this blog!
My parent’s 41st wedding anniversary is on the 31st as well…
Our lives have these markings of time and tomorrows
that blur in my mind everything to the stilled moment

i welcome the celebrations of these anniversaries
to gather into my arms two of the most important people
in my life
so that i may bless them with more health, more life
and continued generations of grandchildren someday soon

the conversation where the big questions are asked and
history never ends
will continue far into nights when
i no longer sleep on this side of the grass,
my mortality has an expiration date
i realized when looking at
images of albert camus with a cigarette
hanging from his lips.

it is very french
the black and white photographs
his tombstone featured on the same page
a stroke of angel hands down my hair
to consider the mortal dance
a short and sweet song
of measures, melodies and myself
however i want to play it
play it deep; play it shallow


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One Response to August anniversaries

  1. Patricia says:

    happy anniversaries!

    you make me want to read camus again…

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