los(sed)/ lost, becomingness

one book on my reading table is The Translucent Revolution: How people just like you are waking up and changing the world, by Arjuna Ardagh, Call Number 204.4 ARD

there is a wonderful quote by eric hoffer who shares, “In times of rapid change, it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually finds themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exits. There is no point in passing onto children the ways we have done things before. Better to equip children to change the world with a fresh and flexible intelligence than to prepare them to produce and consume in a system that is in any case dying.” (p.268)

Living as a witness to this evolution in the twenty first century,
i open to hear the words that speak its truth of these times,
these changes and revelations.

the rhythms and cycles of creation and destructions
are in fast forward relative to the world of
twenty years ago, forty years ago

leaning forward,
i see how i can never go back
to my childhood, my stories, my korea
they live in imagination
they live in consciousness
everything is deconstructed
(re)negotiated for a
song of new flesh to the bones

modernity is engaging me
to dance and make art
according to the human karma

jean houston says, ” when you have art,
you are also going to have a sense of the whole person
being deeply involved in the creation of their own mind. (p.265)

let’s chant for world peace
(en)during these times

resonating into the palatable futures so,
the young may see(k) in proper season
our handprints/footprints (a)cross our Mother.


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2 Responses to los(sed)/ lost, becomingness

  1. Patricia says:

    eric hoffer! he’s a person who inspired me at a young age and helped me keep my sanity. *like*

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