Papas in the rear view

“papas”, as in many fathers (english)

“papas” are potatoes (spanish)

“papitas” are french fries (spanish)
the customers teach my parents, at The Hitching Post

“apa” is dad (korean)
“a’pa” is an “owwie/its hurting” (korean)
its in the intonation, the placement of the stress

my father was where they made papas to order
every night they came home
i had my papa and papitas
both warmed over from
the day’s business
and slightly wilted

his work was made right
by the eating of fresh rice at days end…

if there was too much water and the rice bloated,
i cried, when he yelled
if there was too little and the rice dried in the pot
i cried, sharing blame and the waste

my father’s patience with me was the depth
of my right thumbnail under the added water;
the perfect measurement of water, to white rice in rice pot.


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One Response to Papas in the rear view

  1. Patricia says:

    omg…that’s the same way my mom taught me to measure water to rice…

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