Writing for flowers

the other night,
between clearing off my desk of its piles and stacks
or crawling underneath the covers
i remembered to write thank you letters to my friends

i miss you so much

friends are in the mind’s thoughts
they travel daily loneliness
and encircle me
to compose appreciation and memories
through poetry.

i call out to each one of you
with intention and affection
grateful to have you in my
waked thoughts and seen dreams

this poetry of late
inspires my desire to love the world with
beautiful language and loving reflections
from the lit heart

these expressions are buoyant and
spontaneous, playful,
out loud and
loving the roaming…

trust and confidence
from a far and deep place
into a far and deep place

one note of appreciation
a singular line of poetry perhaps
swooned her heart eager to please
and brought the whole world to me

in a wine glass
an arrangement of flowers from her garden
each stem, a new variety
and the bouquet was spicy to the nose
closing the eyes seeking
the sweetness of fifty roses,
in no.5

the spine of each flower
an architecture in impermanence

the perfect movement
in contraction and loose,
a flight of fancies.


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One Response to Writing for flowers

  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughtful poetry. Thankyou for the inspiration.

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