Another writer in the family…!

coming into the week before our anniversary
he announces that he bears
a young writer who was first shamed
about his style, structures and poor spelling
who went back to school to rework what was
atrocious writing

he appreared through the
encouragments given
by his teachers of college curriculum
and then faded from the poised ink

at present
in dreams and evocation
this young writer has appeared again
for a voice and a body
to carry his tellng/his stories
of the world;
to a changing world

we are awaiting him…

“let’s go get a stack of notebooks”
“we have to have one in the car so that you are never without pen and paper”
“i am going to write this longhand”

the conversation has changed
i hear familiar
heart sounds of
human to voice;
paper to pen;
tips to keys

we live for these births of freedom
we have another writer in the family!


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