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Writing for flowers

the other night, between clearing off my desk of its piles and stacks or crawling underneath the covers i remembered to write thank you letters to my friends i miss you so much friends are in the mind’s thoughts they … Continue reading

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Another writer in the family…!

coming into the week before our anniversary he announces that he bears a young writer who was first shamed about his style, structures and poor spelling who went back to school to rework what was atrocious writing he appreared through … Continue reading

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Han, a definition

One book in a stack near my bed stand, Women From the Margins: Korean Women and God Experiencing God in a Multi-religious Colonial Context by Hee An Choi from page 4 of the Introduction, a definition of han “Even though … Continue reading

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The Eyes Don’t Always Want to Stay Open, Phillip Lopate

The first poem in this book of poetry is titled “We who are” we who are your closest friends feel the time has come to tell you that every Thursday we have been meeting as a group to devise ways … Continue reading

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“Cinco de haley”

we had dinner in Old Town, San Diego the birthplace of California for my fort/i/eth birthday the mariachi band serenaded a “Happy Birthday, Paunchita” as we walked into the courtyard. my name for the evening was Paunchita, thereafter. as the … Continue reading

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