when i sound like a fortune cookie

i remember taking a hybrid course in
online research where the majority of
communication was on the Blackboard

my commentary and questions online
poised me as a receptor of the question,
“do you write fortune cookies?”

the professor spoke not directly as self
but through the personae of her talking pet cat.
i couldn’t very well argue with a feline.
the above mentioned female was far gone
and soon to retire according to rumor.

well, i suppose i could bake homemade
versions of fortune cookies and
handwrite fortunes for reading

but my interest was in the idea that
there is something about the tonality
in the written expression of those
who assimilate english is a second language

where did the talking feline get the right
to draw me out with such a question?

perhaps what was once a distant affectation;
a cliched mockery of others’ speech
has come full circle when i began to see
a natural fit in rhythm, tone and style in my speech
within the exaggerations and caricatures.

this has been an exercise of my embrace of “i am that.”

Text copyright ©2011 by Hae Jung Kwon. All rights reserved.


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