kareoke and originality

over the course of easter brunch
i saw a reflection of my fearful soul
hiding in a box of daily routines and
reading chosen books

not exactly a coffin fitted for the deep ground
but a groove settled in earth matters
rather than of heavenly spheres and hovering skies

my thoughts, expressions and ideas
were influences and interpretations of
what others have born to print
before me.

in mockery, i saw myself as a
never been/ has been
singing kareoke as if i was the
songwriter, singer and star.

the imitation, the limitation
and pretense of originality
paled my aspirations for original work
deep soul work of refining hell fires.

“travel far and across borders
of mine and mind”
an external voice counsels
the hiding soul

“draw from the vastness of your Mother
seek your fairy Grandmother
in the mountains of the Korean peninsula

her spirit will speak to your
hidden soul
calling you by
your Grandfather’s gift,
your name.”

i have traveled on well worn paths
with small shuffles
dragging my feet

where is the world reminiscent of spririts
before the maternal birthing of my soul?

perhaps behind the portals of poetry, oral myths and written literature
i roam there as oftern as i close my eyes/ rest my eyes
from the outer world and allow for my voice
to echo and commune with wisdom and
teachers from the other side of this physical duality

a guide for both types of traveling would be helpful
dear Universe.

this well of creativity needs to cultivate
the mother in the physical
and the father in the spiritual for a birth

i am the divine Child who is to play;
to seek and behold these forces
of yin/yang.

ding dong, who’s at the door?

Text copyright ©2011 by Hae Jung Kwon. All rights reserved.


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2 Responses to kareoke and originality

  1. Patricia says:

    somehow your post inspired an online journey via Google which eventually led me to of page of Jewish Buddhist jokes…! here are a few which may enlighted you:

    –the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single oy

    –wherever you go, there you are. your luggage is another story

    –be here now. be someplace else later. is that so complicated?

    • omg! i am elighted by Jewish Buddhist humor. Earlier this afternoon, another friend suggested a bibliotherapy in the reading of any Philip Roth novel for a greater sense of freedom from judgments, self or that of others. Roth as a balm for my Jane Austen obsession with sibling rivalry and subtext in communication? i will keep you informed.

      tonight, the sound of direct communication calls out more like a line to be hit on the head…. what am i ready to truly believe, if the other ad libs off the script?

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