In form, gratitude

as a part of a personal practice,
i have started, writing letters of noted
appreciation, of the season,
of a particular splendid gesture
and sending them out into the world

like butterflies that need to fly
in broad and high skies
our hearts need to lift and spread
its wings for breath and depth
freed from its bodily chambers

the recipient is another friend in the making
but the love song resonates back the universe
an echo of its own rumbling pleasures

there is a wonderful japanese quotation on writing:
to learn how to write; one begins with the alphabet.

a string of letters i will choose
before diamonds from africa
to dress my breasts and shoulders
in strength or in sorrow

because the enlightenment of letters
and meaning are bountiful
both by sight and sense

to those who live for a better world
of sustenance and surrender
according to the greatest story of resurrection
in the face of mortal toils and foibles

Text copyright ©2011 by Hae Jung Kwon. All rights reserved.


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