Driving by Audio

I have been listening to books on CD
during my commute to and from work.
thirty five minutes twice a day
seventy minutes a day

to learn, to listen, to remember
to stretch my mind past my
small and personal stories
to a state of consciousness
where possibilities seem realistic

but possibilities doesn’t directly
translate to manifesting all my intentions
invested in the present.

i am sitting with this idea that
i am a prodigal daughter
on so many levels

and that there is a celebration
awaiting me upon the homecoming.

the gifts of compassion and insight;
relavance and freedom;
are born of this (co) created drama
that come into personal life for
lessons, liberation and blessings

i just didn’t know it then…

and i’m in process now of
flipping the coins into the air
turning in my lottery ticket
scratching out certain boxes

preparing my life to recieve
the blessings that were awaiting
embodiment and expression
in an alternative medium.

i have depths of hell to plunder
for riches and the rest…
after struggling with archangels
and sleeping on stone.

i will do this with faith in
masters, fathers, mothers and brothers.

these branches from the tree of life
provide shade should
i look too boldly up Heaven’s hems;
roots to slowly feel the descent as
i bury myself beneath Mother’s seasons and surface.

these practices and processes which draw
poison from our blood

chant their refrains of
forgiveness, resentments, blame
nonjudgements, angers,
being right/dead right,
(others/they) as wrong,
(we) as wrong doing/doer/dude,
acting out our stories and not knowing
the difference between story and Reality.
illusions, projections, love,
healing for every/body.

Text copyright ©2011 by Hae Jung Kwon. All rights reserved.


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All posts are original intellectual property. Copyright 2010 Hae Jung Kwon. All rights reserved.
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