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when i sound like a fortune cookie

i remember taking a hybrid course in online research where the majority of communication was on the Blackboard my commentary and questions online poised me as a receptor of the question, “do you write fortune cookies?” the professor spoke not … Continue reading

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kareoke and originality

over the course of easter brunch i saw a reflection of my fearful soul hiding in a box of daily routines and reading chosen books not exactly a coffin fitted for the deep ground but a groove settled in earth … Continue reading

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Without the radio

the three words i used to obsess about was “i love you” the declaration was a pronouncement of hyper emotion a subconscious desire to evoke affection and ardor the “i love yous” have neutralized with use in broad daylight at … Continue reading

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In form, gratitude

as a part of a personal practice, i have started, writing letters of noted appreciation, of the season, of a particular splendid gesture and sending them out into the world like butterflies that need to fly in broad and high … Continue reading

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Driving by Audio

I have been listening to books on CD during my commute to and from work. thirty five minutes twice a day seventy minutes a day to learn, to listen, to remember to stretch my mind past my small and personal … Continue reading

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“Tell Ten People Your Sacred Secret”

I’m leaning in to tell you my sacred secret and it is this, ” i have a profound love of the written language… as an exile, fresh-off-the boat, bye/bye cultural third grade fluent, latch key tv sitting/ reader, dictionary work … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

The sky bestows both grey clouds and high sunshine these early days of southern california spring i itch to clean house, literally and spiritually in search of new energy, new space a new place to go home at the end … Continue reading

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