On the banana slide of life

i am back from the road trip to and from bakersfield
and decided to bake more banana bread muffins
for practice and technique.

on an episode of america’s test kitchen, i saw this technique of
microwaving five bananas and then reducing the
extracted liquid into a reduction to fill 1/3 of a cup
to add along with the liquids of the recipe

Banana Riddle
how come i got the same amount of
yielded servings, even after doubling the
ingredients of the original recipe?

hmmm, exactly. the joke is that
convention would say that those
who bake tend to be precise and pay
attention to details in measurements
and the like whereas, cooking seems more
improvisational and forgiving.

baking is “attentional” and requires
the concentration to focus
instead of rationalize the
difference between tsp and tbsps.

so the variation tonight was
the microwaving and reduction making;
adding vietnamese cinnamon and mexican azucar sugar
(fairy dust) on top of the muffins!
the rooms smell like banana churros.

i have now opened the twenty five pound
bag of all purpose flour from costco
which challenges me to find use of it before
waste sets in. the price of that bag by weight
is the same as a five pound bag of king arthur’s
so now i will find out if i am cheap or wasteful

bananas are the go/to fruit in baking
mild in taste and popular by demand
beethovan baking reminds me of how
the composer wrote music for a dimension
that was not available to him who was deaf

i bake and don’t taste the products
the mastery of the skills,
the cadence in the humming
requisite of each muffin
is the pleasure i experience throughout the process
if i connect and tap onto each note on point
i know the bread will be delicious

recently, a friend has been exploring this idea
of taking on a hobby through a transitional period
to come after an academic graduation…

baking was not your first choice, i wonder?
no, it has come to sewing aprons from walmart
purchased design patterns for its lower caloric intake

baking doesn’t increase you by stones
but eating baked goods will…
baking is not eating, in my mind
but a moot point for the conversation
we had over dinner of chicken and asparagus.


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One Response to On the banana slide of life

  1. Patricia says:

    Wow, you don’t taste your baking? I’m even more impressed!

    Personally, I can hardly wait to lick the batter. 🙂

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