Six months of uninterrupted daylight, @ North Pole

Six months of uninterrupted darkness at the South Pole….

We are at the first full weekend after the vernol (spring) equinox! Tonight, we are starting a road trip to go see the first granddaughter begotten on M’s side of the family. His neice gave birth to a lovely baby girl this February. I can’t wait to see her in all four dimensions of sight, sound, touch and feelings.

This week has been influenced much by themes of renewal and rise:
i have baked an “excellent ” batch of german chocolate banana bread
(phew! yeah, i didn’t need to throw it to the garbage)
thus the kitchen confidence rises again

i then made my first batch of chicken noodle soup from
costco rotisserie chicken

it was kind of greasy, heavy tasting because
i left the skin on but
i feel it was wonderful for a first try!

this soup was a
compromise between eating top ramen with eggs and kim chee
and going to saigon’s for vietnamese pho noodle soup
the sirancha sauce is the common thread, perhaps
when all else fails between salt and pepper
i give thanks for sirancha, soy sauce and ketchup

i have purchased congratulations on your engagement, birthday cards,
and Easter cards…this area of celebration and observation of rites of passage
has been a struggle for me. so the action homework
entailed some retail therapy at walmart and target (tar-jeyy, if you are fancy)

in honor of benjamin frankin’s autobiography of his self improvements and
krishnamurti’s teaching of detached self observations
i witnessed my need to really see where the compulsion to fix my chronic
tardiness in matters of time, others and rituals.

i am scrooge to birthdays, anniversarys, and
a complete basket case by the time Halloween creeps
into Thanksgiving and Christmas merchandise in the stores.

okay, i will pick this up
after i get back from seeing the newest family baby…


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One Response to Six months of uninterrupted daylight, @ North Pole

  1. liz says:

    this has been the first full year in which i did absolutely nothing but verbal or emailed holiday greetings, happy birthdays and the like… except for my oldest friend who has been battling parkinson’s and who just turned 50. i did send her a card. it has been truly liberating. those who know me, know that it’s nothing personal and that i love them regardless. the rest will figure it out soon enough. or not. either way, i feel a whole lot freer that i did a year ago.

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