Yellow Light; Red Light

A Bad (As)i(an) Driver, i Be

i got the notice in the mail the other day that i
ran a red traffic light on March 4, 2011.

i had never seen such a notification/ citation.

The photos from the front, the back and in time
placed the finger to my lips.

Then tonight on the drive home,
i saw myself in the intersection
while the lights went yellow to red

was this a larger issue
of not knowing when to go
and when to stop
when to yield
when to follow through
just to get out of the middle?

you name it, the middle is emmphh, not fun
the edges have ledges, lines
parameters and sight of “land”

beginnings have enthusiasm
endings have foregiveness

we sometimes get to know the answer to
“what was that?!

a just reward for patience, long suffering or
being in earshot of a singing fat lady.

Text copyright ©2011 by Hae Jung Kwon. All rights reserved.


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