Ardor, in print

Precautions in Pillow Talk

“have you heard of this word, ardor?
no, i have never heard this word…
what? i can’t believe you have never heard of ardor.
it means passion, enthusiasm…

are you calling me a liar?
no,…. you are just being an asshole.
no one uses that word anymore.
your big words make you sound like an (ass) for not knowing your audience
and (hole) for the moving mouth.
your assumption that others
traffic in big words impress others
with your condescension.”
—the end—

the limited perspective of one/ introspective/ bookworm
tends to tumble upon the lived experiences
of many who do not carry books
in either hemi/spheres or hands

i raised myself on the written word
in the safety of libraries and
spaces for free reading;
also remedial reading classes
as english is bastard
to my mother tongue.

mentally the inner landscape of
the imagination was/is inclusive
accessible at all times
and protective against the
vulgarities and disappointments inherited
through the bigger world of
moving bodies and faster speeds of life.

the literary milk is a derivation of
mother’s milk, the cow’s milk, the goat’s milk.

is it second- rate to a lived experience?
yes and non.

how do you want to
raise the generations
that come through birth,
after cervantes and don quixote?
shall the young read and raise the world
with themselves in between worlds?

or should they forget one world to fully be
of this material modern world
which hears less beautiful language
of allusions, resonance and range?

here we have the language of specialized work
and efficiency by self-selection.

who wants to live for jargon and
teen speak, stexting and


to contract the human heart from
feeling blue from blood in its veins
and ardor from its inner wells
echoing the slightest voices
of hungry ghosts from heaven?

Text copyright ©2011 by Hae Jung Kwon. All rights reserved.


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