“dr.e- isms” on disorganization/perfectionism

i have been following dr. e (Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run With the Wolves) through her facebook notes. i wanted to share with you dear reader, the beauty and comfort of reading her writings and wisdom. the following quotations of hers are my current heart staples committed to “blue/for/heaven” notecards. i quote her:

“it is sadder to be a creative derelict who is disorganized , nothing can come to fruition….than it is to have so many ideas but not enough years of life to execute them all. Yet I proceed regarding the latter, as though I do have enough years left…and that i can bring in the harvest.”

“the opposite of perfectionism is not sloppiness at all…but letting go and going onward.”

“Perfect is the enemy of Done.”

“limitless love! unending courage!”

i have added her blog site for the aftermidnightwriter in the new links which i hope you will visit as well. i feel buoyed by the otherness that is present in her thoughts and prolific writing. if our thoughts create form in the visible world, i eat her words as food for my spirit when in hunger for beauty, insight and deeper compassion than on the main freeways of my life.

i choose to look to the earth for the trails of crumbs left by our storytellers, poets and ancestors
when the sight of the horizon is far from mortal grasping and
the rise of the sun will come long after
the moon steps in and awakes her fairies and flora

but now i digress, from the purpose of sharing with you all, one of my favorite writers of our times, for these times.

Poetry and wisdom can be worn inside pant pockets. Tucked into books for memory or carried in hand for protection against the visible world outside our doors.


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2 Responses to “dr.e- isms” on disorganization/perfectionism

  1. Patricia says:

    Is that a poem in your pocket, or…oh, nevah mind!!!

    Sorry, that just “POP”(ped) out!

    Thanks for sharing your meal of words. Love the notecard idea!


    • Is that a poem in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

      I met a man who bore on a napkin, a handwritten passage of chinese poetry and philosophy. He took this out of his white kitchen pant pocket to show and tell me one way he reminds himself to be happy during the course of a day. I miss his romantic, yet free spirit.

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