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On the banana slide of life

i am back from the road trip to and from bakersfield and decided to bake more banana bread muffins for practice and technique. on an episode of america’s test kitchen, i saw this technique of microwaving five bananas and then … Continue reading

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Six months of uninterrupted daylight, @ North Pole

Six months of uninterrupted darkness at the South Pole…. We are at the first full weekend after the vernol (spring) equinox! Tonight, we are starting a road trip to go see the first granddaughter begotten on M’s side of the … Continue reading

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Yellow Light; Red Light

A Bad (As)i(an) Driver, i Be i got the notice in the mail the other day that i ran a red traffic light on March 4, 2011. i had never seen such a notification/ citation. The photos from the front, … Continue reading

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Banana bread/self (de)construction

on the eve of St. Paddy’s day I bake two loaves of bread. banana bread from a recipe i had in mind to double into (gold)en loaves. was the baking for the work potuck tomorrow? or for the japanese emporer … Continue reading

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Ardor, in print

Precautions in Pillow Talk “have you heard of this word, ardor? no, i have never heard this word… what? i can’t believe you have never heard of ardor. it means passion, enthusiasm… are you calling me a liar? no,…. you … Continue reading

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“dr.e- isms” on disorganization/perfectionism

i have been following dr. e (Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run With the Wolves) through her facebook notes. i wanted to share with you dear reader, the beauty and comfort of reading her writings and wisdom. … Continue reading

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“On the road, without Jack”

I have returned to myself since the last week’s Shadow retreat in San Diego. I had been able to trust in the process to access and meet the multiple chorus of my witnesses and sub-levels of my personality aspects. I … Continue reading

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