Ten minutes, go….

Hair feng shue at the Mermaid Spa and Salon
gratitude to the assistant who quit
in the week and half since
the original appointment was scheduled

Aveda pure abundance hair potion
is refined powder
fairy dust barely visible
against the inside palm to rub into the tresses

Bruno Mar’s CD “doo wops & hooligans”
sweet and island sound from this philipino
new york puerto rican musician
youtube.com for his video treatment of
the single of “just the way you are”

watching the oscar nominated film, Precious
on demand
reversed some of the tapes of my child/

my child/
hood was privileged
through the eyes of all
the precious girls out there
living out this story

rain, clouds, thunder, first rainbow, brighter rainbow,
cold and sunny all in one hour
encore rain dumped and
wet footprints skating in shallow pools

san diego rainy season in february
beseeches me to sit longer
inside the car to listen captive
the encore scored
against the top of my car

not to miss the color purple;
the concert of rain and thunder
in cold sunny days
or sushi deli 1,2,3 across san diego
they stay open on the weekends
no longer closed between lunch and dinner shifts!


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One Response to Ten minutes, go….

  1. Patricia says:

    One minute, go Haiku…

    words food child rain hair
    feelings of gratitude and
    fairy dust–likey!!

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