Happy Valentine’s day

someone far, is planning a proposal of marriage
when her parents come into town from the east

he may have already boughten the ring
she has made known
in the first year of dreaming
of a life lived together
plus one healthy/
amerasian/ anchor/baby
before the age of 40.

drawing the gates of the wedding
saddens me into a quiet
unaffected by all the
talking happy tapes

therapy teaches me that
my love for their unborn child
is none of my business

and that the knowledge of each player
is perfect for the path through the forest
into the clearing

slow at learning how love does not spare
us pain and moreso the inevitable suffering of
those we “love”

maya teaches that love liberates us
to come and to go as need be
love permits us to transition away
from this mortal coil with a sacred breath

i raise my heart
in remembrance of a younger brother
who slept with me on the same lay
of carpet, cardboard and blankets
whining for the back of my long hair
to slip into the scary darkness of apartment nights

you are so brave and big now

i will carry our youth
in my memories
where i am your big sister


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