Bless me (mo/fa)ther, for i am dim

The full golden moon wanes
away from view
i rest in the darkness
of the long ago stars

breathing in your breath;
as much i can hold
me upright and down to earth

bless me
with your touch
on my shoulders
your hand in my hand
when i lay down for sleep

the psyche is strong and dark
dims me dumbs me
the shadow is breathing
a silence that does not
speak small talks
does not utter
an audible word

but i stand in front of her
waiting for a pause in the silence
to see an image,
to awaken from a delivered dream
to feel chorded/ in accord with the
whole and highness of Self

make me willing to share
the tender parts of me
forgiving the brittle hatreds,
the amnesiac cuts and hurts
both offensive and defensive

i open my palms
and release them
in a million moments
to feel your hand on mine

find me on the dusted earth
by your lights
so that i may appear
another day from the shadows.


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One Response to Bless me (mo/fa)ther, for i am dim

  1. Patricia says:

    Sounds like a breakthrough?

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