Dream Sick Day

Today is the perfect sick day from work!

fresh pajamas on
while sitting in front of my
laptop computer.

my breakfast and coffee
both made for me
by boyfriend.

i don’t have to do housework.
i just am behind
piles of my library books
multiple tabs open with the
laptop humming along
sex and the city reruns on E!
on mute.
the latchkey kid
still wants the tv on
all day.

i dream of moments
like these
where I
get out of bed
earlier than 11am’ish
know that I have
a whole day to read books
and write.

this is the absolute luxury
i imagine
my daily life as a writer to be,
minus the next gripping cough and
popped ricola drops.

thankyou thankyou thankyou,


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6 Responses to Dream Sick Day

  1. Patricia says:

    Love it!

    As a fellow former latchkey kid, I share your proclivity for wanting the t.v. on mute all day long, even when I’m not in the room….C can’t understand the strange comfort I get from it.

    • In reference to the show that was on mute at the time of the original post (Sex and the City), i find it fitting that the understanding of such comforts can be heard and understood in the company of your women friends.

  2. Patricia says:

    I own all the Sex and the City DVDs! A couple of years ago I watched the series again, from the beginning. I enjoyed it, then got weirdly depressed and didn’t want to watch anymore. I haven’t even seen the theatrical movies…guess I’d had enough. Have to say tho that the Baryshnikov character was (still is) my fave of Carrie’s boyfriends…I’m a sucker for that Old World elegance and sophistication!

    • i’m intrigued at the depths and lengths these female characters with their voices ring true of our personal experiences and longings for love, belonging, identity, the well rounded heel and personal reconcilitations of the “happily ever after” and “having it all” themes.

      the clothes, the men and the geographical settings were nice distractions to the carriage of longing in their hearts. Longing was the music i heard the most clearly and intimately. It was for me the formidable character and one that made the visual flash and shoe connoisseurship palettable up until the Sex and the City Movie 2 (the sequel).

      and then i just got tired of trying to process and press into the proverbial box my korean american female romantic/ sexual experiences through the surfaces and standards of upper class white women.

  3. Patricia says:

    yeah…I agree about the themes of longing and identity…like you, what wore me down ultimately was the total lack of any connection to reality as I had experienced it. Everything in the show was about beginnings and endings, and beginnings again, and frankly I was beyond it. What about the middle parts and the ups and downs of staying with one person and working things out?

    That’s life, man!

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t make great escapist entertainment, which I’ll be the first to admit has its place.

    With all that said, I still think Aleksandr Petrovsky is h-o-t!

    • Perhaps the limits of entertainment are the perfect complement to the substance of reality with all of its middle parts and continuity as we experience it. The adventures of monogamy and committment are not for the faint hearted. Its sacrifices, rigors and ridiculous aspects are not for all of us, but thank goodness it offers for some of us, a path beyond entertainment towards transendence .

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