When a cough is just a cough

Over the New Year’s eve weekend
I noticed the tightness in my throat,
the coated tongue.
…perhaps the 2am noodle crawl?

the tightness relaxes the next day
with Ricola

monday morning
i drive full steam ahead
the I-5

i reach the branch and
greet everyone, hoarsely

o’hey, where is that sexy, low voice
coming from?

please do not let it hail
from bronchitisville
adjacent to pneumonia city.

the afternoon wears on
the customers feign
lack of illness on my part

my projection is
no higher than a whisper
over the telephone
i believe by four o’clock
others are politely reading my lips.

The body has lost her voice
her natural sounds.
the vibrations are garbled
before muted
into phsyical (aircraft carrier) gestures
thumbs up-yes
thumbs down -no
when asked questions for response.

her humor is with phlegm,
emotions of unshared stores

if not her first voice
then what other voices may now arise
in mind
in body
in ink?

not that i have been one for
projection or even high volume
when speaking in tones
but i am quieted by
the body’s loss of her voice
going into the new year.

i have spent the last weeks of
last year with foul words in my mouth
and more bitterness than sweet to taste
as the christ holiday advertises
across my sceen and across my heart

good, then
that i have lost
my voice for bitterness.

what possessed me
during these weeks
is not proof for children
or close family.

its not been pretty nor pure
but the underworld of separations
and lost springs
will rejoin
my aspects
in the new year.


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One Response to When a cough is just a cough

  1. liz says:

    silence can be golden, and often has much to teach. there is a favorite quote by lao tzu:

    “she who knows, does not speak. she who speaks, does not know.”

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