If I knew u were here…

Happy New Year dear friends!!!!

Thank you everyone who have been so committed to my writing more, even when I have been absent of
right mind and the write words. It is now visible that perfectionists do not write as much as writers do.

It is one of the basic pillars of writing practice that one is permitted to “write the worst junk in America” in order to gain access to the pulse of what throbs through our blue veins and electric bodies. This teaching according to Natalie Goldberg (author of Writing Down the Bones) reminds me to write junk, clear my throat and go on even though I don’t see the difference between straight and forward. aka have a little faith in whatever you are doing, because if it is true it won’t be about you as it is about something greater.

We writers are willing to be fools,
mothers to
our underground gangsta selves
for the perfect line of poetry.

We breathe
between the literary lines
that sustains us human and
keeps us
a few hours ahead
of the cruelty that attaches itself
to great beauty.


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