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Bless me (mo/fa)ther, for i am dim

The full golden moon wanes away from view i rest in the darkness of the long ago stars breathing in your breath; as much i can hold me upright and down to earth bless me with your touch on my … Continue reading

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An American gets into a car….

and drives down the road in Lebanon on his way to see the local sights. He sees two men conversing on the side of this road. “Gentlemen, do you speak English?” The man on the right responds with a shake … Continue reading

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Dream Sick Day

Today is the perfect sick day from work! fresh pajamas on while sitting in front of my laptop computer. my breakfast and coffee both made for me by boyfriend. i don’t have to do housework. (reprieve) i just am behind … Continue reading

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When a cough is just a cough

Over the New Year’s eve weekend I noticed the tightness in my throat, the coated tongue. …perhaps the 2am noodle crawl? the tightness relaxes the next day with Ricola monday morning i drive full steam ahead along the I-5 i … Continue reading

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“He” who live outdoors

We have a new volunteer in the branch since a couple of weeks ago. He realized he wanted to volunteer at the library since he was already here most days it is open. He admitted his concern about applying for … Continue reading

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If I knew u were here…

Happy New Year dear friends!!!! Thank you everyone who have been so committed to my writing more, even when I have been absent of right mind and the write words. It is now visible that perfectionists do not write as … Continue reading

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