with/or, without you

The recent conversations around the house has been about “new friends”.
How do we meet new friends?
Have we outgrown an earlier circle of friends?
What is required of us to meet the new?
What happens to you without a social network of friends and something happens to your partner?

I would imagine that in order for life to continue, that I would have to learn how to become more independent as the aloneness required and more grounded and articulate about the foundations I know to be true for me. There is a mental tendency to seek out the kindness of strangers instead of sitting and remembering that I know how to take care of myself/think for myself. It’s that I have become complacent in years past and allowed others to care for me as it has been convenient for the both of us.
There is nothing attractive about the above mentioned statement.

Women run ranches, farms and households. We birth and raise children with and without men. We prepare the world for the next seven generations and honor our ancestors, at least seven generations behind us.

The small i is asking “what becomes of me without a man?” or is the real question, “what is to become of me without (human) love?” not saying that men are the only or the primary source of that either.

Will the invisible world ever cease seeding love into this world through human relationships? That we are each other’s medicine means what in this modern american culture?

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One Response to with/or, without you

  1. liz says:

    perhaps the real question is, what is love? might i be so bold as to suggest that most of us are brainwashed by heredity and hollywood as to the answer to that question?

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