Week in Review

I. Haiku, Valentine/2
I feel unlove/d,
unable to love hu,man
being/s/ in this whirl/d.

II. Three Daily Graces, a wink to Patricia
black currant tea, hot
milk from glass bottles in deposit
black currant tea, cold

III. After the Drive
warm noodles shoveled in
@8:30 closing before the sign
four doughnuts in a white bag
from Mary’s, twenty four in clock hours

IV. Women writers can’t afford unhappiness
the cost of self and inspiration is too exacting
the sharp tongue and tight lip balance the long gaze
herself in the horizon running from her inevitable thoughts
of despair and present company

V.Three weeks out of the gym and the
crone revives herself in my body/the hump in my back
i step in shuffles/ i bend towards the ground
i fall forward into Her dirty kiss

VI. My father’s birthday is tomorrow
a week since i had not returned mom’s phone call
weakened from a new ass ripping from younger brother
we expire each other without dates on our tops and
besides our deaths, how would you know we were the matter in life?

VII. falling, leaves, changing
i love you, Fall!
spiders in my view
interpret daydreams of webs and weaving,
creativity and the feared mother
against the natural elements of course

Text copyright ©2010 by Hae Jung Kwon. All rights reserved.


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All posts are original intellectual property. Copyright 2010 Hae Jung Kwon. All rights reserved.
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2 Responses to Week in Review

  1. Wow!

    I love poems that make ME want to write poems: that is the dreaded “trouble with poetry” that Billy Collins humorously addresses.

    He also talks about the “deal breakers” and “deal makers” in reading other people’s poems. A deal breaker, for example, that instantly repels him from a poem is the word “cicada”. 🙂

    A deal maker is when the poet deftly balances the mysterious with the clear and concrete.

    I’d say you have a deal maker of a poem.

    • Your encouragement and engagement with the writing stokes the creative fires! I think its wonderful that you feel moved to write poems, see language from another dimension through the writing process, experience the visual representations/presentational dimension of text on the blogs and reconnect with the voice of mother and other deep feminine (wishing) wells.

      Thank you for being a part of this community of creatives and expressionists. The artist and poet evokes hungers and thirsts to be quenched by our possessed mysteries, artistry and spiritual fluidity.

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