“…sexual congress with goats”

In the course of a given day we hear, read, and traffic so much wahn wahn wahn language, text and cliches that there is a cushion of space I need to have inside my head so that I can retreat from the frontline of forced banal bananas. 

The writer and poet is ever present and critical of the scripted forms and familiarities in our mental continuities.  But the day was not a loss, there was an introduction and invitation to have more cat talk 
(+/-)  the cat in the scenario and a blogger’s comment that included the above mentioned phrase “suggesting your mother’s sexual congress with goats.”   I am awake! and laughing again.

This call and craft of writing leaves the desire for anything less behind.  It has become ever so clear that I won’t watch television in marathon mode (sheepish).   And the library to be read in order to produce one good book according to Spinoza haunts me.  I cannot love the books and its pages any more nimbly than is faithful. 

If you are fed by poetry and the aesthetics of the intellect, do you invite the death goddess to keep you away from sloth in your days? 

“Poem to the Goddess, she knows why”

She bears gifts of rise and sleep for this physical body/our toils she disgards/ we cease to chant His eternal Om

still we seek each other in our arts and letters/ our mortality was not for the gods to carry or curse

the upper world and thus the under worlds await our spirits to remember compassion, vision, wisdom

 the lost souls migrating and waiting to be free linger for our blessings and forgiveness/eyes see empty churches 

lights blink presence as shadows cross lines/time collapses onto itself through trance dimensions

Wu, dance for body fire and needed rain/ the world sways in between your legs

the drums beat and keep you safe until you are once again in body/mind/spirit

i sat by the body and /awaited your stories of travels and tribes of women who counsel us

Elder, speak so that we may once again, weep from our broken hearts

under the new moon and dead stars.

The first draft of this poem was inspired by the work and research by Vicki Noble in the first edition of Shakti Woman: Feeling Our Fire, Healing Our World-The New Female Shamanism.

Text copyright ©2010 by Hae Jung Kwon. All rights reserved.


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3 Responses to “…sexual congress with goats”

  1. Patricia Williams says:

    Yay cat talk!!!

    And yesyesyes to everything else!!!

    Did you write that poem???

  2. Patricia Williams says:

    It’s awesome!

    Love the language and imagery!

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