Friendly Universe?

To hear Sullivan tell it in her perfect comedic timing was frontline funny…about this woman who was in the grocery store and yakking on her phone about how her therapist told her to “quiet her mind”.  This stock phrase apparently wore thin  as the volume of this audible one-sided conversation did not lessen and the topic maintained its mono- tone. 

“How about shutting it?”

“She can’t shut her mouth and she can’t shut her mind.”

“I can’t believe the shit people say while they are on the phone in public.” 

Rule #10758- Don’t regurgitate your therapy while in a public line at the grocery store.  More obnoxious when you are loud and on the phone.  Stink eye could be issued  your way from any and all directions.

On any given day, the odds are stacked that you will act in, view some, or become hooked in a similar scene of (public) bad behavior and experience personal judgements about something that someone is doing that is driving you to crazytown and you’ll want to tell your coworkers  all about it.  I have now come to the part where I realize that my thoughts and writings include my real life with real people in it.  How ethically can I include them in my blogging? 

Are blogs real because they are factual?  For example, Debbie J. is a mother of two, ages 3 and 5 who loves to bake and raise chickens with her husband in Indiana. USA.  Upload photos.  Or is the truth in the authenticity of the shared thoughts and emotional  connections?  This is a brave new world for those of us who used to see proximity as a prime reason to connect.  

And since we are in crazytown, do we tell one another that even though they are both phones, there is a difference between  the cellphone and the microphone?  Is crazytown a residence in a friendly universe or otherwise?  Let me know how it goes.

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