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Prayers and ping pong

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” Albert Camus, French Philosopher/Writer In the last session with my therapist, the idea of my being … Continue reading

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with/or, without you

The recent conversations around the house has been about “new friends”. How do we meet new friends? Have we outgrown an earlier circle of friends? What is required of us to meet the new? What happens to you without a … Continue reading

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Week in Review

I. Haiku, Valentine/2 I feel unlove/d, unable to love hu,man being/s/ in this whirl/d. II. Three Daily Graces, a wink to Patricia black currant tea, hot milk from glass bottles in deposit black currant tea, cold III. After the Drive … Continue reading

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Valentine haiku

I have been concentrating on Valentine’s Day sentiments for greeting card submissons before an October 24th deadline. The rub is in the “taste” of one known greeting card company. The funny thing is, I used to write heartfelt poetry that … Continue reading

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“…sexual congress with goats”

In the course of a given day we hear, read, and traffic so much wahn wahn wahn language, text and cliches that there is a cushion of space I need to have inside my head so that I can retreat from the frontline of forced banal bananas.  … Continue reading

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Labor Day

I learned today that the free wi fi at Panera Breads will not allow me to blog and post from my laptop.  I figured after writing the support team at wordpress that there may have been a filter that prevents such activity.  … Continue reading

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Rising falling breathing

“Try for a moment to accept the idea that you are not what you belive yourself to be, that you overestimate yourself, in fact, that you lie to yourself.  That you always lie to yourself every moment, all day, all … Continue reading

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