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“And then what happened?”…

….the teacher asks the student who thinks she has experienced enlightenment. There is a romantic high offered in the approval from the audience when a writer reads her work aloud, when the writing is shared for feedback.  The immediate visibility of … Continue reading

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Sunday Breakfast

Sunday morning is a great time to write.  I ate a bowl of original Cheerios, organic banana with tips of Jif creamy, almond breeze milk, the rest of the Fritos Scoops from the bag with bean dip and roasted tomatillo salsa.  I am … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Hi everyone!  There is so much excitement in creating a first….and for me this includes this blog.  Every detail is looked at with Georgia’s gaze upon her flowers, mountains and skulls.  Each consideration has its own weight in  breath and space to … Continue reading

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